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Helping the Environment

The 3 'R's symbol

What's the significance of the symbol above? If you were to say "It's the recycling symbol" you'd be partially correct. It actually stands for the 3 'R's of Reduce, Recycle and Re-Use.

As industry can make little money from reducing and re-using, the importance of these 2 strands is often forgotten.

So how does this all relate to Gifts & Lists?

How many times have you nagged someone to tell you what they want for Christmas or a special occasion only to be met with a shrug and have to buy something at the last moment, hoping it's going to be well received? How many times have your received a present from a loved on, knowing full-well it's never going to be used?

In December 2007 the BBC reported that £1.2 Billion worth of unwanted presents were bought for friends and family. Of the people surveyed 4% said they would throw out these unwanted gifts! That's £48,000,000 of presents produced, packaged, delivered and wrapped only for it all to be thrown in the bin!

Whilst we don't claim to be able to solve this entire problem with Gifts & Lists we can make a dent in the amount of unwanted presents given by allowing our friends and family to know what we really want!

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