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Why would I want to use Gifts & Lists?

We think Gifts & Lists offers the perfect place to organise all your Gift and Wish Lists but we'll also admit to being a little biased! If you're not sure if Gifts & Lists is for you try this.

We sat down and picked out what we think are the 5 most important features of Gifts & Lists. Have a quick look, click on the 'details' link for further information or try out our extensive help section.

To give it a test-drive we've included a registration link at the bottom of the page.


One place for all your lists 

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Add Items from Any site 

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Get a PDF/Paper Copy of your list 

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Reserve Items from other peoples lists 

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It's Free 

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That's just a small selection. We haven't even mentioned the fully-featured News System, Updates, Reminders, Private Lists, Search, Security, Ease of use.........

To find out more try out our help section here

Or get started right away by clicking on the register button below:

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