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Elinchrom Style RX1200 Twin Kit

Elinchrom Style RX1200 Twin Kit

Quantity:  1  
Item Price:  £ 1899.00
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Similar Items to Elinchrom Style RX1200 Twin Kit - The price of the elinchrom style rx1200 twin kit is £1899. Gifts & Lists has thousands of members adding gifts every day though. It's possible another member may have found this gift item or a similar gift at a better price. Here are some similar gifts to elinchrom style rx1200 twin kit added by our members that you might be interested in.
Amazon is generally a good place to compare prices and often has the best value when you take into account postage and packing. If you would like to check if Elinchrom Style RX1200 Twin Kit is available and how much it would cost, use the search link below:
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List Details

Accessories list
Creation Date : 28 Feb 2010
Event Date : Not Set

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