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List Details for : The Desert Island List

What if you knew you were about to be stranded on a desert island? What would you take with you?
Creation Date : 25 Feb 2009
Event Date : Not Set
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Wilderness Survival Book Item Added: 27 Apr 2009
A great little book describing all the essentials when surviving in the wilderness. Ideal if you're going to be stranded on a desert island! view gift at: $ 13.57
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Item Added: 27 Apr 2009
If you're going to take only one thing with you on desert island then this should probably be it. view gift at: $ 26.11
Swedish Firesteel Item Added: 27 Apr 2009
You're going to need a fire on the island, either for warmth, signalling or cooking. A lighter or matches may do you for a short while but this thing lasts for 12,000 strikes! view gift at: $ 13.88
Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter Item Added: 27 Apr 2009
A cheaper (and in many ways more convenient) alternative to the water pump this device can be used to provide a large quantity of clean water. Perfect. view gift at: $ 56.99
Hammaka 2003-HMKA Hammock Item Added: 27 Apr 2009
Your going to need somewhere to sleep and the best place for this on a desert island is off the ground. This portable hammock should do just the trick. view gift at: $ 44.99
Pocket Water Microfilter Item Added: 27 Apr 2009
Pricey but essential - this little device combines a hand pump and filter to provide you with a clean source of water wherever you travel. You can get cheaper models but if you're going to be stranded you need something that lasts! view gift at: $ 242.99
Wide-brimmed hat Item Added: 27 Apr 2009
You're going to need something to keep the sun off your head (Unless you've had the ultimate misfortune of finding a desert island near the poles) and this one is ideal view gift at: $ 19.97
Brunton Foldable Solar Array Item Added: 28 Apr 2009
If you really need to power your electronic devices whilst stranded this is probably the ultimate bit of kit - A 26W Foldable Solar array cabable of providing enough power to supply most small devices up to laptops. view gift at: $ 300.44
Tekkeon Rechargeable Battery Item Added: 28 Apr 2009
Combine this with your solar panel and you've got a complete power solution - capable of storing energy to power other devices and with a multitude of connection options. view gift at: $ 119.99
Universal Hybrid Solar Charger Item Added: 28 Apr 2009
Maybe not quite there as a mainstream product this little device could be a life-saver on a desert island - A mini solar charger that stores conveniently and can be used to recharge most small devices. view gift at: $ 70.76
Canon Powershot D10 Item Added: 18 Mar 2009
Well, you're going to want to take some photos of your time on the island so how about a waterproof, shock-proof, digital camera. Just make sure it's charged! view gift at: $ 329.99
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