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List Details for : Victoria's wish list

Things I love that you can buy anytime
Creation Date : 11 Dec 2011
Event Date : Not Set
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Bulbs (organic) Item Added: 19 Dec 2011
I could use some bulbs to plant in my yard this month. They could be whatever - daffodils, irises, paperwhites. Ideally organic, but I'll take non-certified too. $ 10.00
Subscription to Entertainment Weekly Item Added: 11 Dec 2011
My current subscription is about to run out. I have been subscribing for 10 years, and I love it. I doesn't matter if a new subscription overlaps a week or two with the old one or there is a gap. Just sign me up for a new one. $ 20.00
Footrest Item Added: 12 Dec 2011
I actually really need a footrest. I have wanted one for years. I guess I don't want a heinous piece of black plastic that is going to break in a month. I also need it to have some height. My chair is up pretty high, and I could use somethi... view gift at: 0.00
Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream Item Added: 11 Dec 2011
I have been trying lots of eye cremes recently. I got a 0.1 oz sampler of this stuff recently and I treasure it, but I am getting to the bottom. It's like a million dollars an ounce, but it works great - I don't seem allergic, and my face stay... $ 35.00
Cashmere socks (x6) Item Added: 11 Dec 2011
I love cashmere socks. I like crew socks, usually darks colors, but open to color variations. I love argyle. Usually they come in solid colors, which is also great. They are almost always a blend of materials, but the higher the percentage o... $ 33.00
Earrings from Sundance Catalog Item Added: 12 Dec 2011
One of my favorite earring retailers is Sundance. They carry earing from a number of artists. I tend to like small dangley earings with colors stones or glass. I don't buy them for myself because they are expensive for earrings, but everytime... view gift at: 0.00
Avalon Organics Oil Free Moisturizer Item Added: 12 Dec 2011
This is my favorite facial moisturizer. I have been using it for 5+ years. I like having extra ones around to keep in different places or as backups. I can't have more than about 3 at a time, because I think it goes bad after a while. But I ... view gift at: $ 22.00
Earbuds Item Added: 12 Dec 2011
I could use a new pair of earbuds. I have a nice pair, but the silicone ear parts fell off and I lost them. So just those silicon parts (like 6 of them because I am sure I will lose them again) would be cool. I also have the pair of earbuds t... 0.00
INDI custom jeans Item Added: 11 Dec 2011
I have had a lifelong fascination with custom jeans, so I would enjoy a pair of jeans from this place. Usually a pair is like $180 which is obviously pricey, but sometimes they have sales on giftcards. view gift at: $ 130.00
Smartwool socks (x6) Item Added: 11 Dec 2011
I like wool blend crew socks. Usually performance varieties, but I am always open to trying new kinds. view gift at: $ 22.00
J. Crew cashmere sweater Item Added: 12 Dec 2011
In general I like things made of natural fibers, especially cashmere. But my hands down favorite cashmere sweaters are from J.Crew. I like the shawl collar, and the zip front hoodie. I like any kind of blue, hunter green or black best in X-la... 175.00
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