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Adding Contacts

Why Add Contacts?

There are 2 main reasons to add contacts. First, lists set to 'Protected' are available to you and your contacts only (Unless you give out the List ID & Password). Second, when you add someone as contact you will receive news updates if they create new lists or add items to a list.

If you already know the person's email then you can add them directly as a contact. If you are unsure which email address a person is using you can send them a contact request (You must login to send requests).

1. Sending Contact Requests

Simply search for them by using the Search box at the top of the screen and select the person you're interested in from the list. On their Details page click on the 'Add to Contacts' link.

You will be taken to a screen where you will have the option to enter their details and add them directly or send them a contact request. Click on the 'Send Request' button.

When this is done the potential contact receives notification of the request and can choose to accept or decline it. As soon as they have accepted the request they will appear in your Contacts list and you have the same access to them as if you had added them directly.

2. Adding Contacts Directly

The process for adding new contacts directly is very simple and can be achieved from either your Profile page or the dedicated Contacts page.

The first step is to enter the email address of your intended contact. You can then click the Find... button to determine whether the person is already a member of Gifts & Lists. If the person is found in the system their First Name and Last Name will automatically be populated on the form as shown below:

If not, you will be informed that the person could not be found. This does not stop you from adding them as a contact - just fill in the details yourself and click the Insert button. The person will be added to the system as a contact and you will see their details shown on the form:

If the person is already a member of Gifts & Lists they will be notified of your action and given the opportunity to add you as a contact. Again, it should be noted that adding someone as a contact does not give you access to their protected lists. The contact must specifically add you as their contact for this to occur.

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