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Creating Cash Gift Funds

Gifts & Lists now includes the ability to add Cash Gift Funds to your lists. We have put a great deal of effort into making these easy to create, simple to use and flexible enough to meet all the needs of our members. They're run in conjunction with PayPal so you have the safety, security and ease of access to your money associated with this global company. To find out more about creating PayPal accounts click here

Create a gift fund with Gifts & Lists

You can can add as many gift funds to your lists as you like. You can have each one represent an indvidual item (expensive electrical goods/furniture) or have a single gift fund for an item such as a trust fund or honeymoon. Each fund can be mapped to a single PayPal account or you can have different accounts for each gift fund.

With each gift fund you can set an optional target and even have a progress bar display how close you are to reaching the gift fund total.

As with all other aspects of Gifts & Lists - Gift Funds are provided as a FREE service! PayPal may charge you dependent on donations made but we charge no fees for our service. If you wish to make a donation to the upkeep of Gifts & Lists you can do so here


The first step is to view the list you want to add a gift fund to in the List Details screen. Then click the Add Gift Fund button as highlighted in the image above.

This will bring up the Add Gift Fund screen below:

The second step is to choose an image for your gift fund. You can either go with the pre-selected one, choose from one of the example images we have provided, upload your own image from your PC or do a search on the internet for one.

To upload an image just click the Browse button, locate the image on your machine and click Add. You can also search for an image by phrase (See below). Just type in the product name or description of the image you'd like to use, click Search and then choose an image from the search results.

After selecting an image for your gift fund you can fill in the rest of the details.

First select a suitable title - 'Honeymoon Gift Fund', 'Savings For Baby', etc

Next you need to enter the PayPal Email Address that you wish to use with this gift fund. It is very important that you use your PayPal email and not the one that you necessarily used to sign up to Gifts & Lists (Unless they are the same). We will use this to direct your friends and family to the correct PayPal account when making donations.

You can then add an optional description for your gift fund, maybe explaining where the donations are going towards in more detail.

Finally, you can set an optional target and progress bar for the gift fund. If you're saving for a new high-definition television, for example, you might want to set the target as €750 and tick the box to have a progress bar display a visual representation of the amount donated. If someone was to donate €75 other guests would see that 10% of the target had been reached. Alternatively you could have the donations and target displayed as text - Set a target and un-check the box for a progress bar. If you would rather not have any target displayed then simply leave the target blank and nothing will be displayed to other users - just the option to make a donation.

The image above shows how the different gift fund options appear to guests. The 1st gift fund has a target and a progress bar (Users can see details of the donations by hovering the mouse over the progress bar), the 2nd has a target set but no progress bar and the 3rd has no target set at all.

Also note that gift funds look different to other items added to lists - the buttons are green rather than blue, a currency symbol is displayed in the top-right corner of each gift fund and where no currency is specified a gold coin is displayed instead.

When you are happy with your selections, simply click the Create Gift Fund button and the gift fund will be added to your list.

For details on how guests make donations to a gift list click here

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