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Making Gift Fund Donations

If someone you know has created a gift list and added a gift fund it is very simple for you to make a contribution. Simply locate the list you're interested in and choose the gift fund from the list. Gift Funds are easy to spot - They appear above all other items in a list, they have a currency symbol in the top right corner and the buttons are green rather than blue for other items.

Some gift funds also set a target and include a progress bar to show how much has been donated. This is at the discretion of the list owner. TIP: Hovering the mouse pointer over the progres bar will give you further information on the donations status. As will pressing the Donate button.


Once you have found a gift fund you would like to donate to, simply click the Donate button to be taken to the screen below:

Here you can add your details and how much you wish to donate. We require a confirmation email and you have the option to leave some comments that the list owner can see when they log into their account.

When you are happy with your selection click Donate With PayPal to be transferred to Gifts & Lists PayPal payment system. See below:

We have highlighted the most important areas. You will find details of the gift fund and information you entered previously (Donation amount, your name and email address) will have been passed over. You have the option to make a donation with your own PayPal account (If you have one) or you can make a donation via credit/debit card by clicking the Continue link. You also have the option to return to Gifts & Lists.

Should you wish to make a card payment you will see the screen below:

If you decide instead to make a payment via PayPal you will see the following screen:

When you are happy with your donation and payment details, click to confirm your donation and you should see a screen similar to the following:

At this point your donation has been made and you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal detailing your donation (See below). You should click the Return to Gifts & Lists button to return to our site and review your donation.

When the screen below appears we will notify the list owner that a donation has been made and update the system with the details of the donation.

Updates to the system will take place immediately and you will see that the progress bar and target status has been updated to reflect the donation (Note it now shows the progress bar at 2% instead of 1% and the Money Pledged has risen to £16 from £14):

Finally, the image below shows how your donation will appear to the list owner when they run a report on the status of the gift fund:

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