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When you create your new account you'll be given default images for your profile picture and lists. If you want to personalise your account you can change these to images that more reflect how you'd like them to appear.

Fig 1.  Showing the default profile image.

Selecting the Edit Photo button will bring you to the following page where you can choose one of the pre-selected images or upload and select your own:

To upload your own image, click the Browse button and find the image you want. Click the Upload Image button to transfer your image to the server where you can crop it to your preference. Click OK to confirm.:

Finally, click the Save Changes button to confirm you are happy with the selection and change your profile image or select Cancel to return to yourt old image.

When you return to your profile page you should see the new image in place.

You can perform the same process to set images and personalise all your lists. We have a number of pre-set images for the most popular list types but you are free to choose your own.

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