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Securing Lists

Here at Gifts & Lists we understand the need for security and privacy. Whilst it's sometimes nice to share your gift ideas with friends, family or the general public, other times we would prefer to keep a private collection of items. Maybe you're interested in the same item at different locations to compare prices or just items you'd like to keep a note of but don't necessarily want people to purchase just yet.

For this reason Gifts & Lists allows you to create lists with 3 security levels:

  • Private - These lists are available to you alone (Unless you give out the UniqueID & Password - see below), generate no news and are not available in searches.
  • Protected - Lists of this type are accessible by the list owner and any people who they have specified as contacts. They generate news to enable contacts to keep up to date with changes to the list. Contacts can also see these lists in searches.
  • Public - These lists are available to everyone and are the only lists which are used to display random products throughout the site.

Even when you have created a list it is possible to change the security settings at a later date. This works as expected, however you should be aware that changing a protected or public list to private will result in any related news being lost.

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Unique IDs & Passwords

If you want full control over who has access to a list you can set it as 'Private' and then set a password. This is ideal for a private wedding list where you may want to make the list available to guests but not have to set them all up as contacts.

You could also mix it: set-up a list as protected so friends & family can see it but also send the details to a limited set of people who don't use Gifts & Lists.

You can set a password and find out the Unique ID on the List Details page.

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